Natural Intelligence

variety of technologies

At Natural Intelligence, we offer our employees the flexibility to choose from a variety of technologies and development languages that suit them best. We are able to offer such freedom by using advanced microservices architecture, CQRS and event sourcing methods.

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development languages

Our day-to-day tasks include the use of development languages such as Ruby (on rails), Scala & PHP as well as Javascript, angular.js and node.js - both on the client and the server. Among our DB or Data store technologies you can find MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Cassandra and more.

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cloud services

All services are run in the Cloud, mainly using Amazon EC2 as infrastructure. However, we are not shy of utilizing Openstack and Docker as well as a range of other DevOps tools such as Nagios for monitoring, Logstash (and Kibana) for log collection and Jenkins for our continuous integration.

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Agile methodologies

Working with agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban we are constantly pushing the technology envelope. As getting better and more creative at what we do is one of our guiding principles, we are constantly improving the way we work, adopt new technologies, improve the way we develop, QA and deploy our systems.

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Additionally, we believe in the power of helping others and are constantly sharing our knowledge and expertise on various technological subjects on our blog.

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