As a successful company we believe it is our duty to make a positive change on the lives of those in the communities outside our office walls. NI employees are enriched by making a difference.

  • Gesher El Hano’ar: Adopting at-risk youth
  • Appleseeds: Support of technological equality
  • Monetary donations
  • Round Up

Since 2015, we adopt Gesher El Hanoar, a nonprofit dedicated to at-risk youth – a collaboration that makes for the most significant part of our community activity. Our employees accompany teens in a variety of enrichment activities. Once a week, teenagers come to our office for schoolwork assistance and one-on-one tutorial sessions.

During the summer, we host a 3-day life skills workshop that delivers meaningful information and valuable skills to prepare youth for the future.

Neta Feller, Chief People Officer, is a member of the nonprofit’s Board of Directors

We accompany Appleseeds, a nonprofit focused on technological equality in Israel. Our collaboration extends to a numbers of activities, including hosting the @Neta youth movement in our office, providing professional accompaniment and development for the nonprofit’s management, counseling the managing team in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, and offering an Online Marketing Course for students from Israel’s social and geographical periphery.

Moti Karmona, our Chief Product & Technology Officer, is a member of the nonprofit’s Board of Directors.  

We make donations to a variety of nonprofits and social causes year-round. We run an annual employee survey to tune in with our employees’ preferences, and make donations to causes and nonprofits of their choosing.
In 2018 we donated to 30 nonprofits dedicated to a variety of causes – from at-risk youth and LGBT+,  to people with disabilities and Holocaust survivors, through to ecological organizations, poverty alleviation and violence elimination.

We’ve collaborated with Roundup, an initiative that enables employees to give just a fraction of their salary to a nonprofit of their choosing.

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