Global Headhunter & Recruiter

Natural Intelligence is a global leader in the online comparison market. Our goal is to simplify decision-making and connect customers with valuable brands.

Our technology helps millions of consumers around the world make smarter, more confident buying decisions. We do so by creating trusted comparison websites that enable consumers to easily compare products and services online and form high-value relationships with the brands they choose. Our partner brands, some of which are among the most prominent websites worldwide, utilize our platform to maximize their online presence.

We are looking for an experienced and motivated recruitment professional to join our team for a dynamic and challenging position of Global Headhunter & Recruiter.


  •       Managing recruitment processes for global recruitment in the US market
  •      Managing recruitment processes for senior management positions.
  •       Working closely with managers in Israel and abroad
  •       Effectively locating the best candidates in the field
  •  Developing innovative recruitment strategies
  •      Establishing recruitment sources.


●     10+ years experience in global recruiting. Experience in US recruitment - required

●     Experience hiring from internet/online companies - an advantage.

●     Recruiting and sourcing subject matter expert with a consistent track record of direct sourcing and an excellent understanding of how to utilize sourcing channels, social media, headhunting, and networking.

●     Vast interviewing experience, very sharp and with great evaluation skills.

●     Result-oriented.

●     Loves hunting for great talent, and for making incredible matches between the applicant and the organization.

●     Familiarity with US employment laws.

●     Native English level.

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Global Headhunter & Recruiter